Description of External Hard Drive Seagate data recovery nyc

External Hard Drive Seagate ST310005EXD101-RK has a huge capacity of digital media and high performance, which effectively influences on your work at home or office. Where ever you are, the important information within the device will always be at hand.

Data recovery nyc

Main advantages – without additional software – Rapid detection device

– High speed read and write – Small size – low weight – Ease of use

– High performance – Low power consumption – USB 2.0

Device type and appearance of the External Hard Drive Seagate ST310005EXD101-RK has relatively small dimensions: 207.08 mm (W) x 39,79 mm (H) x 125,91 mm (W) and weighs 1.02 kg. Black body is made of durable plastic material that protects from all kinds of mechanical damage. Rubberized feet warn drop devices during operation, and lower holes perfectly circulate the air inside the system.

Functionality and performance with a laptop Winchester Seagate you can always keep your sensitive information, or the entire media library at your fingertips. Portable hard drive will also be needed in any situation where you want to read, copy and transport large amounts of data. Due to its compactness Seagate is ideal for remote use. With this model, you can increase the information space of the computer and use it on long journeys.

I / O performance for the technical data of the external drive Seagate has the minimum seek time when reading data – about 12 ms, and the transition between tracks – 2 ms. In this case, interface bandwidth of – 480 Mbps, when the external speed transmission of digital data – 60 Mbps. With these features you can effortlessly in the shortest time to write large files.

Power consumption and noise characteristics so as an external hard drive rather capacious – 1 TB, it requires an external power source from the network. But even with this additional element of the device has low power consumption, achievable through use of modern power management, as well as suppressing the noise to 30 dB.

Interfaces external hard drive attached to a PC via a USB cable for USB 2.0-interface that provides high-speed read and write.

Distinguishing characteristic External Hard Drive Seagate ST310005EXD101-RK is an excellent option for success and requires no special configuration, as an internal software quickly identifies any operating system as flash memory.

Summary of External Hard Drive Seagate ST310005EXD101-RK – is the perfect solution for storing any information away from the PC, all in a compact size. Therefore, it is as simple and easy to use.

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