External Hard Drive 1.5 TB Interface USB 2.0 data recovery nyc

Data recovery nyc

Opisanieustroystva External Hard Drive Western Digital WDBAAU0015HBK volume of 1.5 terabytes is ideal as a portable data storage or as backup storage. Executed in black, he is an elegant monolith dimensions 124.68 x 36.14 x 203.82 mm and weighing just over one kilogram.

Saving energy This hard drive was created with the expectation of substantial savings. He switched on and off with the computer itself automatically. This hard drive uses a special technique WD GreenPower, as well as the power supply that meets the requirements of EnergyStar, that ensures minimum power consumption. This model was originally formatted for use with Microsoft Windows, but it can easily be reformatted for use with Linux and MacOS.

Specifications Western Digital WDBAAU0015HBK has a capacity of 1.5 terabytes and runs via usb 2.0, the transmission speed of the serial bus reaches 480 megabytes per second. The set itself apart from the external hard drive is the power supply from the mains, are issued on a hard drive voltage of 12 volts, and all necessary cables. This device is most often used as a primary hard drive, because judging by the size, it is not shabby with him just like that, but it falls perfectly in the cabinet top, and you can forget about its existence.

Form Factor: 3.5 & / iquot; Number of HDD: 1 Volume: 1.5 TB Connect USB: 2.0 External Transfer Rate: 480 Mbps Dimensions: 3.6h11.7×1.8 cm Weight: 1.02 kg

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