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What can be done?

The Windows Recycle Bin does not protect files deleted on client machines. Usually the only way to restore the file is to use backup, but what happens if you have made or valid one? And even if you have a backup, how long it will take to restore the correct version of the manual? The last record was made at 9:00 pm and the file has not yet been created, so in this case, no luck.
Data recovery NYC
So come napomosht nie.Razpolagame some of the most experienced programmers who can restore izgubenanata or deleted information quickly and easily and at a program level of security that does not lose any of your information.

SM-ELECTRONICS provides real-time protection that allows your files to be recovered instantly in the same condition as they were before being deleted. We can even recover older versions of files in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, have already been deleted.

Data recovery NYC

Incidents already deleted files can not cost time and money to the company. Why rummage in the archives or you can not find the correct version of the inscription file? Why tell customers “Sorry for the loss” after 30 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to find something that may not even be maintained. SM-ELECTRONICS, will restore your and their own deleted or labeled files under MS Offic, dokimenti, photos, videos, programs, archives and d.r. deleted or lost from your or their computers. SM-ELECTRONICS gives users the data protection in real time with instant recovery. No file server can not remain without such functionality!
Supported systems:

* Undelete 2009 Server Edition
* Windows Server 2008
* Windows Server 2003
* Windows Vista
* Windows XP (only 32-bit versions)
* Windows 2000
* Undelete 2009 Desktop Client Edition
* Windows Vista
* Windows XP
* Windows 2000

Supported 32 and 64 bit operating systems Window

Supported Drives:

Supports a wide range of SCSI and IDE disks, including:

* Primary Partitions
* Extended Partitions
* Logical Drives
* Volume Sets
* Mirror Sets
* RAID arrays
* Removable disks (such as ZIP drives and Memory Cards)

Data recovery NYC

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